10 Tips For Lowering Cholesterol

Tips for lowering cholesterol that have worked for me. The best tips on lower cholesterol that have worked for real people.

There are many good tips for lowering cholesterol. I found most of these when I decided it was time to do something about my own high cholesterol in June 2007.

At that time I made lowering my cholesterol a huge priority. I wanted to get results and I didn't want to use medication.

Here are my tips on lowering cholesterol that worked for me and countless others.

Diet Related Tips For Lowering Cholesterol

Tip # 1

Make it a habit to read food labels. When purchasing groceries, try to keep saturated fat below 1 g. per serving and total fat below 4 g. per serving. I was amazed at how much saturated fat was in something as "healthy" as some garden burgers.

Tip #2

One of the most effective tips for lowering cholesterol is to limit the meats you eat to boneless, skinless turkey and chicken. In addition to being low in fat, turkey and chicken are superfoods because of the high concentration of nutrients in the meat.

Learning how to lower cholesterol naturally also includes cold water fish due to their high Omega 3 content.

Eliminate red meat and pork from your diet. After your cholesterol has dropped to an acceptable level you can begin including some lean cuts of beef and pork.

Tip #3

For those who are serious about finding out how to lower cholesterol quickly, include as many Superfoods in your diet as possible. The nutrition this adds to your diet will decrease your cravings for fatty foods and sweets as well as help lower cholesterol levels.

I have found that Mineral Supreme is very effective. This liquid supplement contains sea vegitation and aloe vera. While not typically thought of as superfoods, the combination of these two form one of the most nutrient dense drinks available on the face of the earth. Mineral Supreme combines them with honey and cherry juice to make the flavor something even small children enjoy.

Tip #4

Cut back on empty carbs. Think in terms of eating only foods that provide nutrition to you body. Eat brown rice instead of white rice. Substitute whole grain bread for white bread.

Tip #5

Use cholesterol free egg substitute whenever possible. Eggs are extremely high in cholesterol.

Tip #6

Eat snacks frequently. I find it very helpful to keep low fat snacks on hand to grab when I am hungry.

My favorite is pita bread or rice crackers with humus. Another good snack is baked Tostitos with salsa. In the past it would have been chips and dip for me.

Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Using Nutritional Supplements

Tip #7

Focus on adding Fiber to your diet. Look into fiber supplements. Psyllium is one source of fiber that has been shown to lower cholesterol levels substantially as a supplement.

Many superfoods are high in fiber. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables will go along way to lowering cholesterol levels.

Tip #8

Take a fish oil supplement daily. In spite of all the bad press that dietary fats receive in our society, they are necessary to maintain health.

There is a class of fats that are so important to our health that they are refered to as essensial fatty acids (EFAs).

Whether trying to lower your cholesterol or just maintain good heart health, a fish oil supplement will provide the EFAs your body is missing.

When I went on my low fat diet, this was the step I missed. The result was that I developed sores around my nose. It wasn't until I began taking nutritional supplements that the sores cleared up.

The fish oil we use is Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil.

Tip #9

Take a broad spectrum nutritional supplement. Many people end up with high cholesterol because their bodies are not receiving the nutrition they need in the first place. This causes cravings to develop which leads to bad eating habits.

A broad spectrum supplement will provide your body with the nutrion that it needs.

Those who are dieting will run into this same problem. Most diets lead to a decrease in nutrition which leads to cravings. The cravings lead to eating. And the cycle goes on...

It has been through the use of a broad spectrum nutritional supplement that I have been able to keep my weight and cholesterol down even though I have gone back to some of my old eating habits.

Tips For Lowering Cholesterol With Exercise

Tip #10

The last of the tips for lowering cholesterol is the one most of us know we should be doing, but we never seem to get around to it. For good heart health, we need to be exercising.

Thirty minutes, three days a week is all that is necessary to begin with. And it need not be a killer workout. Whatever it takes to keep the heart beat up for thirty minutes. This may be brisk walking, swimming, or playing a sport we enjoy.

Be On Your Way to
Lower Cholesterol

Following these tips on lowering cholesterol will put you well on your way to improving your heart health.

Learning how to lower cholesterol by combining an improved diet with the proper nutritional supplements you will accelerate your weight loss. You will find that while you are reducing your high cholesterol, you are also increasing you energy level, improving you mental sharpness, and probably extending your lifespan.

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