Cholesterol Lowering Medicine
Facts You Should Know

Today's Cholesterol Lowering Medicine can be very effective. Here are the details you will want to know about drugs for lowering cholesterol before you begin using them.

If you're considering taking cholesterol medications to help get your levels restored to a more healthy level, there are many things you have to consider. Nobody wants to jump into taking a cholesterol lowering medicine without first knowing all of the available options, and how they all work.

The truth is that there are many different cholesterol medications on the market today, and different people will need and want to turn to different ones.

Statin Cholesterol Medication

The most common classification that everybody is familiar with today is the statins. All of the brand name medications that you are familiar with fall into this group. This includes Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor to name a few.

The way these cholesterol lowering drugs work is they actually block your liver from producing cholesterol. Your liver normally produces all of the cholesterol you need, but since people obtain so much from their diets, one of the key ways to combating the problem is to block your own production of the compounds.

With statins you will mainly be working on lowering your LDL, which is known as bad cholesterol, but you'll also be raising your HDL, or good cholesterol, by a bit as well.

These common drugs are the most widely used, and they are generally the first choice for somebody needing a medication. However, there are some very serious statin side effects that you should be aware of.

Alternatives to Statin Medication for Cholesterol

However, there are actually many other cholesterol medications as well. For example, fibrates that are prescribed such as Tricor or Atromid help lower your body's production of harmful triglyercides.

Bile acid resins such as Colestid or Questran attack the problem differently, going to work in your intestines. Bile is released by your liver and gall bladder to help with digestion.

These drugs limit the re-absorption of the bile afterwards. Bile is composed mainly of cholesterol, and therefore you are blocking the re-absorption of more cholesterol into your body.

Another form of cholesterol lowering medicines being used today is nicotinic acid, found in drugs Niaspan and Nicolor. These actually provide a very high dose of the B vitamin, which will help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol at the same time.

Most importantly, don't go to your doctor and recommend for yourself any particular cholesterol lowering medicine. You want your doctor to have all of the facts, and to present you with his best theories and ideas. You shouldn't just ask for something and expect to get it.

After he presents his case is the time when you can ask about a particular medication and whether one would be better than the other. But first let your doctor do his or her job.

Avoiding the Side Effects of Cholesterol Lowering Medicine

There is clearly a lot to consider before you take a cholesterol lowering medicine. The good news is that there are lots of great options out there that you can turn to. High cholesterol can be effectively reduced off, and you can reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your overall health.

It all starts with a healthy lifestyle though, so eat right and get plenty of exercise, and then turn to prescription medicine only when it's necessary.

Before beginning a regimin of cholesterol lowering drugs, educate yourself about the side effects and complications that may occur. A natural approach to lowering high cholesterol by making certain lifestyle changes has been shown to be extremely effective and will only improve your overall health.

Many individuals have found cholesterol lower supplements to be all that is necessary for reducing high lipid levels.

Lipi-Rite is a product that contains plant sterols along with other natural, plant based ingredients that have been shown to bring down cholesterol levels in the blood without the side effects of medication.

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