The Coffee Diet - Should You Consider It

Many individuals know they want to improve their health by losing weight, but they do not want to let go of their daily coffee drink. Like myself, the are willing to let go of high fat foods but coffee.

Yes, I was not willing to let go of my daily mocha. I know it is high in sugar and caffeine. I know that both of these tend to create hunger rather than suppress it. However, instead of dropping it, I incorporated the mocha into my daily eating plan and had success with it.

The Low Fat Diet

The foundation of the coffee diet is low fat foods. Using the following guidelines, I lost an average of 10 pound per month, for three months:

1. Read all labels. Look for foods that are very low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Even some very healthy sounding things can have higher fat content than a hamburger.

2. Add as many vegetables as is practical to your meals. I included sauteed vegetables in my breakfast fritattas, fresh vegetables in my sandwiches for lunch, and stir fried vegetables for dinner.

3. Cut back or eliminate empty carbohydrates. Eat brown rice instead of white rice. Whole grain bread is more satisfying that white bread.

4. Have low fat snacks on hand. Try an apple or orange for a mid day snack. Baked tortilla chips and salsa or rice crackers and humus are some of my favorites.

5. When on any diet take nutritional supplements. A whole food supplement will decrease your cravings and provide nutrition that you may not be getting while dieting. This alone can help you lose weight.

Now For The Good Part

The final guideline for the coffee diet is to allow yourself one low fat mocha (or coffee drink of your choice) each day. Choose a time during the day where it will be most beneficial to your diet plan.

The daily mocha accomplishes two things:

1. I found that a mocha satisfied my hunger for between two and three hours. As long as I had normal eating plans three hours later, I no longer needed a bag of chips or some other high fat snack in the middle of the day.

2. It satisfied my desire for something sweet. I never experienced the normal feeling of being deprived while dieting. Nor did I feel the need to grab candy bars during the day.

By allowing myself one mocha each day, this became the first diet that I was able to continue with until I had reached my goal weight.

A Healthier Way

The coffee diet is not something you will find your doctor recommending. I include it here only as an example of something that worked for me. Certainly, as with any diet, speak with a physician before beginning it.

About the time I finished the diet, I found a whole food supplement called Mineral Supreme that satisfied my cravings more than the mocha. With it's help I have been able to keep my weight off for almost a year (as of this writing) and I no longer have the need for a mocha each day.

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