A Diet For Lowering Cholesterol Will
Give Great Results

Have you wondered if a diet for lowering cholesterol would really work for you? Have you tried dieting with little success? Following the ideas you find on this website will guarantee success.

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Find The Right Diet

We often hear that a certain diet is the best diet. The truth is that there is no "best" diet for everyone. But we all have many things in common and there are, therefore many dieting guidelines that are helpful for all individuals.

There have been many fad diets over the years that claim to be the best. There's are liquid diets, fruit diets, vegetable diets and many more. Diets that say proteins are good and carbohydrates should be avoided have some truth to them. A diet that emphasizes eating lots of fruit has some truth behind it.

The Balanced Diet

All these fad diets tend to go overboard in one direction so as to make it very difficult to stay with it. Research has shown that the "balanced" diet that has been around for more than 60 years is truly a diet to live by.

No matter how you choose to lose weight and lower your cholesterol, it is extremely important to consume foods from the four traditional food groups. That is meats, grains, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

When choosing which foods from these groups to include in your diet, put an emphasis on superfoods. Why is this so important? It is important because consuming food is the primary way that our bodies can receive the nutrition they require.

Superfoods contain very high levels of nutrients. With the vitamins, minerals and amino acids from these foods the body is able to build bones, repair muscle, strengthen the heart, and keep our circulatory system healthy. While doing this, many of them will also aid in lowering cholesterol.

What Science Has Shown

Our bodies have been created with certain needs and science has discovered what those needs are. We need to look to research, not marketing to determine what should and should not be included in our diet.

One good example is insoluble fiber. We now know that insoluble fiber helps lower cholesterol. It also helps cleanse our digestive system. One good source of this is in fruits and vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals such as sodium and potassium are necessary for heart muscle to remain strong. Others are needed for the body to process the biochemical processes that are critical to proper health.

Proteins are needed to build and repair muscle while carbohydrates work for the production of energy. All of these are nutrients that a balanced diet will provide.

A Diet For Lowering Cholesterol

If you are reading this, you probably are interested in a diet for lowering cholesterol, not just losing weight. The good news is most diets will also lower cholesterol as you lose weight.

To lower your cholesterol quickly, it is necessary to cut back on the amount of fat in your diet.

This low fat diet should have no more than 30% of your total calories being fat calories. You will also need to make a point of avoiding high cholesterol foods. One diet for lowering cholesterol that is sure to work is a high fiber diet. While I know it is not medically advised, I used a high nutrition version of the Coffee Diet

to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. You may laugh at it, but read how it worked for me. With the help of nutritional supplements, I have been able to keep the weight off for a year now and my cholesterol levels have continued dropping.

I few years ago my wife and I did well with the South Beach Diet. The recipe selection made it very easy to follow.

The American Heart Association has some very specific diet recommendations for individuals having problems getting their cholesterol down.

Many of the fad diets have helpful ideas and include some essentials, but often in the wrong proportions. There are also harmful aspects to some of these diets such as high levels of complex sugars or saturated fats.

When it comes to dieting, consistency and moderation may not sound exciting, but they will put you on the road to better health and lower cholesterol.

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