The Effects Of Nutritional Supplements
Can Be Impressive

Are you wondering what effects of nutritional supplements you can expect? Whether you are trying to lower cholesterol levels, improve your general health, or just want to make sure you are getting your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, multivitamins will help.

The choice you make is an important decision and one that should the thoroughly researched. If you make a poor choice you will find no benefit. If you make a good choice you will notice more energy, improved skin and nails, better mood, and greater muscle tone.

Results I Experience From Nutritional Supplements

It is important to realize that everyone's body is different. The results I see when taking a multivitamin are not necessarily the same as what anyone else will experience.

As of this writing, I have been taking nutritional supplements for about eight years. I have tried pills, liquids, and powders, and have benefited from all three. During these past eight years I have developed some very specific expectations as to the effects of nutritional supplements.

1. Mood Support

Our first experience with nutritional supplements was with son. When he was about five years old he began having mood swings that scared us. We felt it was nutrition related and began looking for a nutritional supplement that might help. Within two weeks of using a powdered supplement, his moods stabilized.

When my wife and I began using the adult version of the same supplement we found that we were more relaxed and had a feeling of well being that we had not previously experienced. While using this supplement, I became less impulsive which led to improved relationships with my wife and family.

We have since moved on to other very effective product and have had equally good results.

2. More Energy

Prior to beginning on supplements both my wife and I often needed naps in the middle of the day. While reading we would fall asleep. It has now been many years since that has been a problem for us.

3. Weight/Cholesterol Control

It has been a year now since I lost 30 pounds using a low fat diet. The change in eating habits that went along with the weight loss also brought down my cholesterol to within guidelines. Since then I have been able to keep the weight off and cholesterol down by providing the nutrition my body needs through the use of supplements.

4. Improved nail and skin quality

Nutritional supplements have given us less brittle nails and improved skin quality.

5. Improved muscle tone

I have noticed substantial improvement in muscle tone. For me this means I am more limber. I can now bend over and reach places that used to be difficult for me. My arms and legs are much firmer.


Two minerals that are extremely important for health are calcium and magnesium. Calciulm is the most common mineral in the human body while magnesium is the fourth most common.

In addition to strengthening bones, they both improve health in many different areas. The most noticeable will be the mood support they provide. A deficiency in either of these minerals has been show to lead to increased rates of anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Magnesium has also been shown to lower blood pressure while calcium is important in weight control.

The most noticeable effects of nutritional supplements that I have experienced has been when taking a cal/mag supplement. I find I receive the best results when taking a coral calcium supplement with magnesium. In addition to calcium, coral calcium also includes many trace minerals that you may not be receiving through your diet.

Omega 3

Another important supplement is Omega 3. I do not personally experience any noticeable effects from omega 3. However, the scientific research behind the health benefits of fish oil supplements is so great, that I use it daily. While available in many forms, fish oil appears to be the most effective way to get the amount of omega 3 that we need.

The Problem Of Absorption

Problems with absorption are the primary reason people do not experience the positive effects of nutritional supplements. For a multivitamin to be absorbed properly, it must be designed with the correct ingredients in the correct proportions. Many drugstore vitamins are poorly designed and thus will not provide the results of a high quality supplement.

To maximize the effects of nutritional supplements it also helps to add glyconutrients to your supplement program. Glyconutrients are essential sugars that our cells require to perform well. They also greatly improve absorption of minerals. When I began using a broad based natural supplement that includes food source glyconutrients I immediately noticed greater benefits from the vitamin and mineral supplements that I had been taking.

Side Effects Of Nutritional Supplements

Our health can benefit greatly from Nutritional Supplements. But it is important to remember that some people can experience some negative effects of nutritional supplements. For example, fish oil, when taken in high doses (more than 3 grams/day) can act as a blood thinner and requires caution on the part of some individuals. Calcium can cause joint problems if taken in amounts higher than 1500 mg/day.

Be sure to check with your physician about any concerns you have regarding nutritional supplements.

This is especially true for those who are currently taking prescription drugs.

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