Flax Seed and Cholesterol Lowering
The Proven Connection

The relationship between flax seed and cholesterol lowering is incredible. Flax seed is now being considered one of the best healthy foods that you can use. It provides a wide range of potential health benefits, based on the many naturally occurring, healthy components that it contains.

Links are now being made between flax seed and cholesterol prevention and other health benefits. Flax seed cholesterol control is starting to be proven in many recent health studies and is only the beginning of how healthy this food can be for you.

Omega 3 Benefits

Flax seed is actually a type of whole grain that is comprised of a unique set of ingredients, each of which provides its own healthy benefits. The ability of flax seed to lower cholesterol is tied to these ingredients.

The one that gets the most attention is alpha linolenic acid, which is an omega 3 fatty acid. Due to the omega 3 benefits, these essential fatty acids are known as "good" fat, which means that they are actually important to your body and provide several positive consequences.

This particular type of omega 3, alpha linolenic acid, is an essential omega 3, which means that you need to acquire it through diet and nutrition because it is not produced naturally in your body. When most people think of omega 3s, they think of fish such as salmon and indeed, there are many health benefits of fish.

However, flax seed is a great source for this type of nutrient. It's the key reason why the flax seed cholesterol lowering ability is now verified as an effective way to decrease your body's bad, LDL levels of cholesterol, as well as your total cholesterol level.

Fiber Benefits

The connection between flax seed and cholesterol is also due to the fiber it contains. Of course fiber has many different positive effects on your body, included among them the ability to regulate your digestive and metabolism processes.

Fiber and cholesterol are also linked, and fiber can help lower the bad levels of cholesterol that many unhealthy foods and various factors contribute towards creating. Any diet for lowering cholesterol must be high in fiber content.

Besides the fiber in flax seed and cholesterol connection, flax seed still provides more positive effects. A third component in the grain is lignan, which is a type of antioxidant.

Antioxidants have a huge range of positive effects on your body including immune boosting and disease preventing effects and long term effects on preventing serious health problems such as cancers, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and more.

Make Flax Seed A Part of Your Routine

As you can see, flax seed is an extremely healthy type of food which can provide a huge stream of health benefits to those who take it. There are many ways you can incorporate flax seed into your diet, using both flax seed itself and flax seed oil.

For example you can sprinkle some on top of a salad, pasta or side dish. You can mix some into something you are baking or cooking. You can also create smoothies and protein shakes and include some flax seed oil. Donít miss out on the flax seed cholesterol lowering effects and numerous other positive effects of flax seed.

Flax seed is beneficial for cardiovascular health. However, if you find that you need even more than flax seed to lower cholesterol, consider cholesterol supplements that contain plant sterols and other natural ingredients that have been shown to lower cholesterol.

Lipi-Rite is a product that contains ingredients that have been shown to be most effective at lowering cholesterol levels.

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