Why Are Foods That Help Lower
Cholesterol so Effective?

The idea of foods that help lower cholesterol may be new to you. As a matter of fact, some people may be extremely skeptical that it could be that easy. "Are you telling me that all I have to do is eat certain foods, and my cholesterol levels will come down?" "Do you mean that cholesterol medication is not the only way to lower cholesterol?"

Plant Sterols

Foods that bring down cholesterol come primarily from plants including vegetables, fruits and nuts. There are actually two reasons why these types of plants have the ability to bring down cholesterol readings.

First of all, foods that lower cholesterol contain natural substances called sterols. Sterols are only found in plants, not meats. The interesting thing about sterols is that their molecular makeup is very similar to that of cholesterol.

It is believed that in the body, sterols actually compete with cholesterol to be absorbed. As more of these natural substances are absorbed into the body, less cholesterol is absorbed and ends up being eliminated.

The FDA Agrees

This fact is very well documented. The FDA, naturopathic doctors as well as members of the traditional medical profession are all in agreement about the importance of plant sterols when it comes to lowering cholesterol readings.

The second thing that makes these foods that help lower cholesterol effective is the high levels of soluble fiber that they contain. Cholesterol attaches itself to soluble fiber in the intestines so that it is easily eliminated. Bile acids are also eliminated from the body in a high fiber diet, stimulating the liver to absorb more cholesterol as it increases its production of bile acids.

These are facts that scientists have proven over and over again. Yes, foods lower cholesterol. If you need to reduce your cholesterol, a high-fiber, high nutrient diet that is loaded with the types of foods that help lower cholesterol is the place to begin.

Combining cholesterol lowering foods with cholesterol lowering supplements is the most effective way to return your cholesterol levels to normal.

Lipi-Rite is a product that contains plant sterols along with other natural, plant based ingredients that have been shown to bring down cholesterol levels in the blood without the side effects of medication.

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