High Cholesterol Foods
Beware Of The Fat

High cholesterol foods...How important are they?

You are probably aware that foods containing high amounts of cholesterol are becoming more and more of a problem in western nations.

With the associated increased incidence of stroke and cardiovascular disease, people are becoming more aware, and in general more afraid of cholesterol. If you need to lower your cholesterol, you know what I'm talking about.

The problem is that while food high in cholesterol does pose a risk for many people, cholesterol is a necessary part of the diet, and high cholesterol foods do not necessarily always need to be avoided. As with anything, moderation is the key to good health.

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You Need Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a necessary compound which is found naturally within the body. Even if you are trying to lower you cholesterol, you must keep consuming some fats. Cholesterol is an important cell wall component and is also the precursor for many hormones which are essential to healthy bodily function.

The problem with food that is high in cholesterol occurs when the amount of circulating cholesterol within the blood becomes excessive, and begins to accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels.

The Risk Posed By
High Cholesterol Food

Cholesterol alone is not actually dangerous, nor is it found in the blood because it is not soluble. Cholesterol is of two types, depending on what it is compounded with to allow it to travel through the blood.

Good cholesterol, or HDL has been found to decrease the probability of atherosclerotic buildup within blood vessels and thus protect against heart attacks and strokes which precipitate as a symptom of blocked blood vessels.

Bad cholesterol is known as LDL, and it is the type that has been found to be a key risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis, or the blocking and hardening of blood vessels due to plaques which consist of cholesterol and other blood components as well as smooth muscle and cells.

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What types of food are
high cholesterol foods?

High cholesterol food is typically thought of as those foods which have a high level of cholesterol. However, evidence shows that saturated fat and trans fats have greater affect on cholesterol levels in our blood than the actual cholesterol in the food.

This is why it is important to read food labels and be aware of cholesterol and fat content. These foods are almost always meat and dairy products or by-products, and are very easy to remember because they are typically inter-related.

Check out this chart of the foods and their corresponding cholesterol and saturated fat content.

Food Portion Cholesterol Saturated Fat
Eggs 1 212 mg. 2 mg.
Butter 1 tsp. 11 mg. 3 mg.
Whole Milk 1 Cup 33 mg. 5 mg.
Low-Fat Milk 1 Cup 10 mg. 2 mg.
Lean Ground Beef 3.5 oz. 78 mg. 7 mg.
Beef (Sirloin) 3.5 oz. 89 mg. 5 mg.
Beef Liver 3.5 oz. 389 mg 2 mg
Cheddar Cheese 1 oz. 30 mg. 6 mg.
Pork Chop 3.5 oz. 85 mg. 10 mg.
Pork Tenderloin 3.5 oz. 79 mg. 2 mg.
Chicken (skinless) 3.5 oz. 85 mg. 1 mg.

As You can see from this sampling, it is extremely important to be aware of the fat content of the high cholesterol foods you eat.

Even with a moderate intake of dietary cholesterol, the most important aspect of remaining healthy is by developing a healthy lifestyle and balancing the amount of good cholesterol with the bad that is found within the body. A little bit of restraint and physical exercise goes a long way.

Sometimes cutting back on high cholesterol foods is not enough. Adding a cholesterol supplement to what your are already doing is sometimes all you need.

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