Natural Products to Lower Cholesterol

How can you recognize the best natural products to lower cholesterol? If you have high cholesterol levels and want to avoid medication if at all possible, then you don't want be wasting your time on products that claim to work, but don't.

As you have heard from your doctor, it is important that you get those cholesterol readings down into the acceptable range sooner than later.

I recall my doctor telling me that with the combination of my high cholesterol and high blood pressure, I had a 10% chance of a serious heart attack or stroke within the next 10 years.

I knew that I did not want to be another statistic, but I also knew that I did not want to be taking cholesterol medication if I could avoid it. The first thing I did was to look for an effective diet for lowering cholesterol. it wasn't until later that I learned about the effective natural products to lower cholesterol that were available to me.

Reading the Ingredients Lists

There are three primary types of ingredients that you will want to have included in the cholesterol lowering supplements that you use. One critically important ingredient is plants sterols. Plant sterols are naturally occurring substances found in all types of plants that have been proven scientifically to help lower cholesterol.

This USDA.gov article states that adding plant sterols to a low fat diet actually can double its effectiveness for lowering cholesterol.

You will find that many natural products to lower cholesterol are somewhat deceptive on this point. I have seen cholesterol products on the market that contain as little as 5 mg. of plant sterols.

They include a small amount for the sole purpose of being able to state that they contain plant sterols. Keep this in mind as you look for these products.


There are also some minerals that you should look for in the products that you're considering. Two minerals that have a substantial amount of cholesterol research surrounding them are chromium and selenium.

A deficiency in either one of these minerals can contribute to high cholesterol levels. Some studies have indicated that as many as 90% of Americans have a deficiency of chromium.

Once again, be aware of that some companies will include small amounts of either or both of these so that they can so that they can put them on the ingredients list.

The RDA for chromium is 25 to 35 mcg, but higher amounts may be required to impact cholesterol levels.

There are also many plant sourced natural ingredients to contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. These include policosanol and oils such as pumpkin seed oil.

Continuing Research

The research on natural products to lower cholesterol is ongoing. As new substances are discovered to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels, they will show up in the best cholesterol lowering supplements.

An approach that uses these products along with increased amounts of foods to lower cholesterol will provide the quickest improvement in your lipid readings. The vast majority of people will have success following these guidelines.

We at Lowering Cholesterol Resources.com attempt to stay on top of the new developments. Check back frequently to see what is new.

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