Sample Diets For Lowering Cholesterol
To Get You Started

These sample diets for lowering cholesterol are for those who know they need to get their cholesterol down, and want to begin quickly.

Do you need to lower your cholesterol? Maybe you have you been told, as I was, that if you don't get your cholesterol down you have a 10% chance of having a heart attack within 10 years?

For the vast majority of people, it is not difficult to lower your cholesterol through diet and supplements. Here we have some sample diets for lowering cholesterol which we used to bring our own levels down. These ideas worked for us, most individuals should also find them to be an effective way to bring down cholesterol levels naturally.

You will find many diets to lower cholesterol on the internet. However, these diets for lowering cholesterol, are simple and easy to get started on.

Breakfast Meal Ideas

I keep my breakfasts pretty simple. However, it is important not to skip breakfast. Skipping or eating a low nutrition breakfast will lead to cravings later in the day which is the trap most dieters fall into.

Most days I fix a frittata with sauteed vegetables and a small amount of low fat cheese melted over the top. You can see how to make frittatas on our Heart Healthy Recipes page. To add variety, vary the types of vegetables each day. Some days I will top it with salsa or use a pepper sauce such as Tabasco Sauce. Other days I may use pico de gallo.

Any time I cook with eggs, I use an egg substitute. I found that if I cook a lot of vegetables in the egg, it's as satisfying as when using whole egg.

Often I would have a slice of whole grain bread with the frittata. Most vegetables and whole grains actually work to lower cholesterol. See our page on foods for more information on this.

Another good choice for breakfast is Oatmeal. I always add a small amount of brown sugar and raisins. It is best to not use sugar, but that is the only way I like it. A much healthier approach is to break up walnuts over the oatmeal. Use a small amount of low-fat or non-fat milk if desired.

Lunch Meal Ideas

Lunches need to be nutritious to carry you through the day. I usually make a turkey or chicken sandwich with spinach and other vegetables.

Instead of using mayonnaise, hummus works well as a spread. Hummus is made from garbanzo beans which are extremely healthy. Legumes such as garbanzo beans are high in fiber and help lower cholesterol.

If I am eating lunch out I will normally stick with a deli sandwich of turkey and lots of vegetables. Subway is a great place for this. At hamburger restaurants I try to stay with a salad.

I always try to have fresh fruit with me as an enjoyable way to finish off my lunch.

Dinner Meal Ideas

Our sample diets for lowering cholesterol include primarily fish, chicken and turkey. The American Heart Association recommends at least two meals a week of fish.

Talapia baked with lemon juice, onion and a small amount of feta makes a great meal. Also salmon (I prefer salmon smoked on a grill or smoker) with onions and lemon pepper is very nutritious.

There are many health benefits of fish. You may be interested in the fish and cholesterol connection.

Add fresh vegetables and some brown rice to either of these to complete them. Brown rice will be much more satisfying and nutritious than white rice.

Chicken and turkey are great for diets to lower cholesterol. Stir fried vegetables with a small amount of chicken works out very well. Be sure to use a low fat sauce with your stir-frys

There are many meals that can be planned around boneless, skinless chicken breasts. When I first began using sample diets for lowering cholesterol, I was still hungry after dinner. To keep from being hungry all evening, I would eat two chicken breasts for the first couple of weeks.


Sample diets for lowering cholesterol need to have healthy snacks included. Here is a good list of snack foods that I find satisfying. Eat them whenever you feel hungry.

1. Rice crackers or pita bread dipped in hummus.
2. Baked tortilla chips and salsa.
3. Whole wheat english muffin with a small amount of peanut butter.
4. Vegetables with a low fat dip.

Changing your diet is the most effective way to improve your heart health. Start with these ideas for sample diets for lowering cholesterol and you will find your cholesterol levels improve quickly.

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