Which Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol
Will Work For You?

In order to determine which ways to lower cholesterol will work for us, we must first find out how we ended up with high cholesterol in the first place.

For some people, a fast diet will do the trick. However, you must understand the eating habits that led to the problems.

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Are we binge eaters? Do we have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol? When we are bored, do we reach for something to eat? Or, as is the case with many of us, do we just enjoy high cholesterol foods.

If you are not already aware of them, educate yourself on the symptoms and results of high cholesterol.

I found that my mood greatly affected the way I ate. When I was anxious I would often binge on chips and dip or other high fat snacks. On the other hand, when I felt calm, eating was not an issue.

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Once we know what it is that we are doing to cause our cholesterol to be high, it is time to look at the different options for lowering our cholesterol.

It seems that the option that comes to mind most often is taking medication. This makes sense since it is usually our doctor who is the first to tell us about our high cholesterol. He may not be familiar with the natural ways to lower cholesterol.

For some individuals who have a history of high cholesterol in their family, medication may indeed be the most helpful approach.

However, most people who have a family history of high cholesterol can also improve their cholesterol levels through diet or nutritional supplements. Many can do it without medication entirely.

View our 10 tips for lowering cholesterol here.

Are Our Genes To Blame?

As we are seeking ways to lower cholesterol it is helpful to look further into our family history. What appears to be an issue with our genes, may actually be eating habits that are passed down from generation to generation. In this case a fast diet will not provide long term results.

Maybe we grew up surrounded by high cholesterol foods. Now we are looking for ways to lower cholesterol. If this is true for you, I recommend that you study the pages on foods and formulate a plan for incorporating more cholesterol lowering foods into your life.

Another possible explanation for habitual overeating may be a genetic predisposition toward anxiety. When we feel anxious, many of us turn to food to calm us. If this is the case, improving our nutritional intake will help. Many people find that they feel more calm and satisfied when their diet is rich in nutrient dense foods. We call these foods "superfoods".


In learning how to lower cholesterol naturally, there is an overriding principle here. Our bodies develop cravings when they are not receiving the nutrition they need. This can also cause chemical imbalances in our brain which can lead to mood disorders.

Either of these problems can lead to high cholesterol through unhealthy snacking and overeating. Taking cholesterol medication will not correct this.

The only way solve the cravings issue is to begin eating foods that are high in nutrition. An easier way to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need is through a broad based nutritional supplement.

This is not be a replacement for good eating habits, but rather, will consistently feed your bodies cells the nutrition they crave even when your food is not providing what they need.

Notice that I did not call it a vitamin supplement. I have found that the supplements that are most effective come from whole food sources. Supplements that are made up primarily of synthetic vitamins can actually be hard on our system as it tries to assimilate the vitamins into our cells.

Because of this it is always best to get our nutrition from food sources. Review our nutritional supplement pages for more information on this.

Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Here are the 4 most effective ways to lower cholesterol levels naturally.

1. Change the foods we eat.

Begin to incorporate superfoods into our diet. Many of these are incredibly powerful foods that can naturally lower cholesterol.

2. Lose weight.

Researchers have found that, on average, individuals who lose five pounds of body weight experience a corresponding drop in total cholesterol of 7 mg/dl.

They also had a drop of 3 mg/dl in their LDL (bad cholesterol) level and 14 mg/dl drop in triglycerides. Losing this weight using a low fat diet that includes many superfoods will give even better results.

3. Take nutritional supplements that are proven to lower cholesterol.

Other than taking medication, this is probably the easiest way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

4. Increase the amount of exercise we get.

It is well known that exercise improves heart health. Read our page on exercise and cholesterol

to see how effective it is and what type of exercise is best.

The most effective and healthy way to naturally lower cholesterol is to implement all of these steps. If we begin eating many different superfoods, make a point of losing weight, begin taking a high quality nutritional supplement, and increase the amount of exercise we get, we will quickly lower our cholesterol. This is the key to how to lower cholesterol levels the natural way.

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